Japans Golden Route experienced in Ultimate luxury!

Experience the picture perfect Japan mixed with all the finer things in life thanks to Luxury Women’s Tours. This tour is for the type of traveler who dreams of the world’s finest hotels, exceptional service and wants memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

For this eight night tour, Japan will leave you breathless with its unique mix of ancient traditions and cultures combined with its new way of ultra modern living. Japan has everything from incredible gardens and temples, right through to a buzzing and exciting city life. This tour will take you across the ‘Golden Route’. This is the popular journey across Tokyo, Hakone, Mt Fuji, and Kyoto. 

In this tour, it isn’t just where you travel, but how you’ll travel. With no expense spared you’ll experience the joy of travelling first class on the super fast Bullet Train, known locally as the Shinkansen. If that wasn’t enough also included in this tour is private luxury cars and coaches so you can feel your best on arrival at every destination.

You’ll also experience some of the worlds best hotels. These are the type of hotels you could have only dreamed of including the Hotel Chinzanso in Tokyo with their stunning indoor pool overlooking a peaceful garden complete with breath taking saunas and steam rooms for full body relaxation.  Then the luxury kowakien tenyu, a traditional Ryokan, each room with a pivate Onsen. The Hyatt Regency in Kyoto known for its location and atmosphere.

Across the eight days, experience the best of Japan with private dinners, exclusive traditional tea ceremonies and more. You’ll learn to make traditional Sushi, visit the Imperial Palace, explore the incredible Asakusa Sensoji Temple, visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine and experience the incredible Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. If that isn’t enough there is Japanese Karaoke, a trip on the Hakone ropeway, visit to Hikone Castle and a chance to experience the Gion Geisha district.

This tour is made for those who want to indulge, for the type of person who is ready to do Japan in style with an accredited guide. From the mountains to the super modern cities, Japan has so much to offer travelers and with Luxury Women’s Tour, this eight days of exploration in style will not disappoint.  

To learn more about this Luxury Women’s Tour and full itinerary please click here or please contact us at jamie@luxurywomenstours.com.au or 0401293235 to reserve your place today.

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