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Luxury travel groups for women who want to see it all

We empower solo female travelers to experience the world through women’s group travel.

Luxury Women’s Tours was founded for women like you. Our mission is to lead adventurous women effortlessly around the globe — in style — whether they have a travel companion or not. We organise luxury group travel tours so you can relax and unwind while connecting with an intimate group of like-minded women.

Because you deserve adventures. You deserve unforgettable memories. You deserve connection. You deserve to let your hair down and just be.

Without a doubt I would recommend Luxury Women’s Tours – it was amazing.!” — Wendy.

“The trip to Singapore and Bhutan was fabulous. So stress free and very interesting. Jamie, our tour leader was so accommodating and made the trip perfect. Would recommend this tour and the company without hesitation. I hope to travel with them in the future.”Sharyn Sutton

You deserve luxury.

And the good news is — now you don’t need a travel companion to enjoy a luxurious, worldly experience. We’re so proud to bring women like you together so you can safely indulge in everything the world has to offer.

We’ve toured with many adventuresome women, and they all seem to have a few things in common. Does this sound like you?

  • You desire new experiences — but you don’t have the time to plan a holiday.
  • You want to meet new friends — and make deep connections with like-minded people.
  • You want to spend your free time doing something meaningful and memorable — because isn’t that what life is all about?
  • You don’t have a travel companion — and you don’t feel safe traveling the world alone.
  • You’re looking for something more — you want a travel experience that makes you feel like a queen.

If this resonates with you, then you’re in good company! Our luxury travel tours were designed for women exactly like YOU — and we’d love for you to escape with us!

“I did the Bora Bora trip in 2022, and it was nothing short of flawless! Jamie, the tour guide, had every detail planned down to the last crumb. All of the activities that I wanted to do on the island were included in the trip. There was a perfect balance of group activities and alone time. Not to mention the luxury of the accommodation! Honestly, if you want to travel with some fun ladies, feel 10/10 safe and do it in style, you HAVE to do this. I will be going again.” — Amelia K.

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“I would definitely recommend The Greece tour to others as it not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Our tour had a great leader in Zeeva, and a fabulous bunch of women who I can now call friends. Although we had a couple of small hiccups along the way (which were out of anyones control), these were quickly taken care of. The trip generally was very well organised and everything happened as and when it was supposed to. I loved this trip and would love to travel with Luxury Women’s Tours again.-Amanda

“Every single trip Jamie has booked and planned for me has always been marvelous. From the booking of flights & accommodations to the planning of each destination, everything was well organised and simplified by Jamie in a way that took the stress off me. Being someone who is naturally pre-disposed to travel anxiety, I was glad to have my itinerary managed by someone who had a keen sense of what makes a holiday FUN & EXCITING, and could plot out the whole trip without the various issues, errors, or misjudgements of my own self-designed trips which — quite commonly  adds A LOT of stress to what should otherwise be an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait for the next one, Jamie!” — Kathryn A.

Why do we create luxury travel group tours for women?

Travel has a magical way of opening our minds and perspectives. As we travel the world, we welcome unique experiences — the kind that end up shaping our lives in big ways. And unfortunately, safety concerns have historically kept solo women from enjoying this life-altering phenomenon.

At Luxury Women’s Tours, we believe women should feel safe enough to indulge in delicacies worldwide! Women shouldn’t miss out on connecting with different cultures or trying exciting new cuisines. That’s a tragedy, in our book.

Group travel empowers solo women to partake in every interesting bit of the world. And until recently, it was hard for women to find companies that offer this kind of service.

In fact, our founder, Jamie, noticed there were almost ZERO luxury travel agencies in Australia designed specifically for women.

So she got to work. And Luxury Women’s Tours was born! 

Now, women just like you can come together to safely experience once-in-a-lifetime trips — hassle-free and in style.

Our Signature Approach:

In all that we do, we keep these values top of mind:


We communicate with integrity and transparency, so you always know exactly what to expect.


As our cherished guest, we strive to understand you, and we hold your opinions and desires in the highest regard.


Our travels are based on a foundation of safety and security, so you can enjoy your trip worry-free. We adhere to the Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry Covid Safe Plan, including implementing safety protocols to ensure our guests’ health and well-being.

“I had an amazing time in French Polynesia with Jamie and the other ladies. Everything was well planned, and I was able to just relax and enjoy the experience. I was traveling alone, but I never felt lonely and any fear I felt about the trip quickly faded at breakfast when I met Jamie for the first time. The excursions were fun and plentiful, but there was also time to just relax. She booked my spa treatments in advance and helped with any extras I needed. I really liked that she was taking photos throughout the trip and then shared them at the end. I just had the best time and laughed so much, so many great memories. I highly recommend traveling with Jamie, her friendly attitude and attention to detail truly helped make this the trip of a lifetime! –Ramona L.

Meet Our Team of Travel Experts:

Jamie Sheriff – Director / Hostess

I’m Jamie Sheriff, and I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on thrilling adventures across the globe for over 20 incredible years. Throughout my extensive travels, I’ve acquired invaluable skills and experiences that have shaped me into the ideal travel planner and hostess. With an unwavering attention to detail and a knack for thriving under pressure, I ensure that each trip I plan is not only stress-free but also a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience for my guests.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey is the opportunity to meet new people and witness the unifying power of travel, particularly among women. It fills my heart with joy to see like-minded individuals come together, forming lifelong connections through their shared love for exploration. As a passionate explorer myself, I’m genuinely excited to guide and inspire others to discover the most breathtaking destinations our world has to offer.

Whether it’s navigating the bustling streets of a vibrant city, marveling at natural wonders, or immersing oneself in diverse cultures, I believe that travel has the ability to transform lives. It is my honor and privilege to help others unlock the magic of these incredible locations and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, join me on this extraordinary journey as we venture into the unknown, forge unforgettable bonds, and open our hearts and minds to the wonders that await us. Together, let’s embrace the transformative power of travel and make each expedition an extraordinary and soul-stirring experience.

Zeeva Zarfaty – Hostess / Tour Manager

Born in Australia but lived overseas for 16 years, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to visit many amazing destinations.

I have a Zest for Travel and come alive when discussing, planning and exploring the many unique corners of the world. Though I have travelled near and far, my bucket list is still full and I thrive on sharing my passion, experience and knowledge.

I have taken many groups on tour both within Australia and overseas. It gives me enormous satisfaction to assist others to connect with their dreams through the wonderful experiences of travelling together.

I enjoy getting to know the story each traveler has to share and I gain immense satisfaction helping strangers who I meet at the start of a tour connect, often becoming regular travel companions and even lifelong friends.

Together we will experience new cultures, meet new people, taste many delicacies and learn the history and customs of every location we visit, all the while laughing, having fun and toasting with a wine or two!

The world is our oyster, – come and join me as we taste its pleasures!

Life is best when you travel with zest!

Karen Ngwenya – Tour Hostess/ Tour manager

Karen Ngwenya has been travelling since the age of 14 and to date has travelled to 104 countries. She has lived 3 years in Canada and a following 7 years in the United States. She returned to Australia and continued travelling while working in HR, Administration and as a Laboratory Technician at the same secondary high school for 31 years, recently semi-retiring.

It is hard to put into the words the wonderful experiences I have had in my life so far. I have been very fortunate to do volunteer work in Ethiopia, Haiti, Jamacia, Fiji, Israel and Hawaii. I love to emerge myself in a countries culture, be with the locals and eat their local food.

Some of my favourite experiences has been volunteering and living on a Kubutz in Israel in the 80’s, being charged at by a Silverback Gorilla in the mountains in Uganda, visiting The Moken tribe also called “sea gypsies” that live on the islands off Myanmar, scuba diving all around the world, travelling through Iran, living 6 months in Jamaica, walking parts of the Trans Bhutan trail in Bhutan, hiking the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea, searching for Lima’s in the forests of Madagascar an working as a tour guide/ cook on the 18 – 35’s camping trips in USA in the early 80’s. When not travelling, I volunteer with “Rosies – Friends of Streets” (homeless in Surfers Paradise) and with the rescue dogs at the Animal Welfare League of Queensland, Gold Coast.

As a Tour Host, from the moment we meet, we are no longer “clients” but like- minded friends who share the same passion and I look forward to meeting you all and making new memories and unforgettable rewarding experiences.

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