The Beauty of Venice and the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

The Beauty of Venice and the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Venice, Italy

If you find yourself in Italy, Venice is one of the ‘must go’ locations.  Venice City is actually formed by a group of over 100 small islands, all interlinked by around 300 bridges; a good number of which are privately owned.  Venice is located in the bay area called the Venetian Lagoon. 

Venice still sits on many of its original foundations; exceedingly long timber piers which were sunk deep into the silt, until they were imbedded in the clay soil beneath.  Over time though, some are sinking, which coupled with high tides and king tides, makes for sometimes having the need to wear tall gumboots when you’re out walking.  No cars are allowed in Venice.  Transport is via boats, Gondolas or walking.  You cannot skate, cycle or rollerblade in Venice and if you try, will incur a fine.  Interestingly the canals are not that deep, usually 1.5 to 2metres.  Whilst the waters tended to be brown and murky, with restrictions and limited travel over COVID, the colour of the water has improved and is now seen as somewhat more blue these days.

Venice is an amazing city to visit.  The ancient buildings on the waterways show an incredibly different construction from what we are used to in Australia.  It is a completely different lifestyle from what we are used to and what most of us experience day to day.  Whilst some of the waterways are quite wide, others are incredibly narrow – you could easily get lost, bar the exceedingly excellent signage around the city. 

Beyond the incredible architecture, amazing backdrops of buildings, balconies and many gondolas in the waterways, you will be able to experience many more things. 

Venice certainly has history, with the Venice Film Festival, being the oldest film festival in the modern world.  It was started in 1932.  Venice also boasts the world’s very first female graduate.  Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Loredan Piscopia was born in 1646 in Venice and graduated with a PhD. 

One more bit of historical information; Venice was once a country in its own right.  Between the end of the 7th century and 1797 it was the Republic of Venice and was a rather wealthy republic at that. 

As a tourist in Venice you will enjoy so many things.  There is incredible food to be had.  There is tonnes of amazing shopping and you’ll want to ensure your phone has tonnes of spare memory (or iCloud access) because you’ll be wanting to take a million photos.  It really is one of those places you just have to go and visit; hence why we’ve included it in an upcoming tour.  We know you’ll love the experience, especially because here at Luxury Women’s Tours, we make every tour even more special.   

After we visit Venice, it’s off to the Amalfi Coast to continue your travels. 

Italian Amalfi Coast

Luxury Women’s Tours next stop will be along the Amalfi Coast.  This ancient Italian coastline sports some of the most amazing views to be found.  The Mediterranean Sea provides an azure blue backdrop for more incredible photos.  Ancient buildings, cobbles walkways and a pleasant sea breeze make travelling in Italy, and especially along the Amalfi coast, an absolute pleasure.   

You will experience the history that this coastline has to offer.  This scenic landscape is often described as vertical.  With space for buildings somewhat limited, many are perched on cliffs with spectacular views of the Mediterranean.  Many homes and buildings are multi story, again to allow to maximise on space.  The sharp coastline is a tapestry of colour, from some of the buildings to plant life.  Whilst much is green, colourful pots, bushes and the ever present with bougainvillea, seasonal flowers, jasmine, cypress trees and even roses and English ivy.

Naturally, art plays a big part here and there is much to be discovered along the Amalfi coast, from traditional art, jewellery, sculptures, plus of course painting, prints and gorgeous postcards.  There is artisan crafted pieces, including ceramics, terra cotta through to handmade leather sandals and shoes. 

Then, of course, you will experience all the wonderful tastes that the Amalfi coast has to offer.  Naturally fresh seafood is abundant, but there are many other options as well.  It’s no wonder that so many cookbooks feature Italian and Mediterranean food.  Cafés and restaurants will treat your tastebuds with authentic traditional flavours, which you’ll wash down with lovely wines and liquors.  Be sure to try out their famous Limoncello – a very tasty little liqueur!  If you’re in Italy, you absolutely must ensure you savour a genuine Italian Gelato.  Enjoy one after your meal, or pick up a cone as you meander your way back to your room.  Many shops don’t close till after 7pm and even more restaurants are open past 10pm … although it does depend on the season and the particular area and how touristy it is. 

The villages that dot the coastline are all beautiful and each a little unique in their own right.  Interestingly, on average over 500 weddings a year occur in Sorrento, which is a town itself of only 16,000 inhabitants.  It’s such a beautiful area; it’s the background of fairytales. 

Remember, if you’ve become too warm doing all that eating, shopping, walking the paths that Gods have walked, taking photos or visiting gorgeous cathedrals and churches, you can take a break and go for a lovely dip in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.   

Then if you feel you want to do a little more than walking and would like some extra exercise, you can go for a hike; there are some incredible paths to be had, although be warned, some are steep and hard work.  There are also nature works where you’ll see spectacular orchids and other plants – breathing in and experiencing all of Amalfi’s nature.  Alternatively, you might like to have a kayak and get around that way, seeing the beautiful coastline from a different perspective. 

If you get the chance, visit Herculaneum, which is a small settlement to the south of Naples.  It’s at the base of Mt. Vesuvius, which like Pompeii, was flash-frozen in time.  It is said that this port town was not only a fishing village but very much known for debauchery.  It was a retreat for the Roman elite and wealthy, but alas, ended up covered in volcanic ash.  This is just one of many incredible and interesting things you can see as you travel along the Amalfi coast. 

As always, when you travel with Luxury Women’s tours we do everything for you and really do look after you.  Travelling with like-minded ladies also means you get to share the experience of a lifetime with others who, like you, want to get out there and experience the world, albeit in luxury.  We source the best accommodation, organise everything, bar perhaps packing your suitcase.  We’ll leave that one to you.  Every trip is well curated, always ensuring your safety and wellbeing is first priority, whilst planning a trip you’ll love.  If anything glitches (as it can, despite even the best planning) we are there with you, sorting things out immediately and providing solutions so that you can do one thing:  have an amazing, fun, relating and incredible holiday.  Go on, you deserve it!  Reach out to us today via <CONTACT page> or give Jamie a call on0401 293 235.  She’d be more than happy to assist you in any way she can.  Also be sure to check out our other amazing trips; there is something for everyone! 

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