Croatia, Slovenia and Istra, Including Venice

Continental Croatia

Croatia is a country well worth a visit.  It’s known well for its gorgeous beaches and coastal areas.  As a safe location to travel to, with friendly people and many beautiful things to see, it’s no wonder it’s a popular tourist destination.  The coastline enchants you with sapphire and turquoise-coloured waters that border beaches, cliffs and cities.  You’ll spot everything from cute little row boats to super yachts.  Whilst a number of languages are spoken there, English is very common as this is a tourist destination.  The currency is currently the Croatian Kuna, although the Euro is being introduced in January 2023.            

Croatia sits on the Adriatic Sea; with Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia bordering its other three sites.  It’s an unusual shape, with the main ‘continental’ Croatia at the north and a thin ‘tail’, often referred to as ‘Southern Croatia’ trailing south along the Adriatic Sea. 

As an old country, it’s been around a long time, so boasts much history, architecture and traditions.  You’ll see old villas, castles and many structures that span a range of time lines and historical events. 

Croatia is known for quite a few things:

  • Health spas are prevalent in this country with many upmarket and luxurious spas available to enjoy whilst travelling in the region.
  • As well as sandy beaches, you’ll also find rocky headlands, cliffs and walled cities. 
  • The Plitvice Lakes are a National Park and an item on the List of World Heritage; so worth the visit to check out. 
  • Zagreb, which is the capital of the Republic of Croatia, has exceptional cultural, economic, scientific and tourist facets. 
  • If you are a foodie, you’ll be in heaven.  Croatia boasts the largest truffle in the world, abundant and fresh seafood, amazing Mediterranean food, award-winning wines and olive oils and a range of other items by local producers.  Tourists and local alike enjoy fine local cuisine. 
  • There is architectural heritage and as well as traditional gardens and beautiful mosaics can be seen on many locations – both on floors and walls.   Some have been only recently discovered.  If you’re lucky, you may even see a local street festival.  Be sure to visit the medieval castles of Zagorje which are absolutely beautiful.  
  • At Kuterevo in Lika, you can check out the baby bears in this animal reserve. 

Bordering Croatia – Welcome to Slovenia!

Experience even more in Slovenia, particularly if you are a lover of beautiful landscapes, amazing scenery and passionate about taking lots of incredible photos.  Rich history and culture, along with gorgeous and pristine nature, make a mix you won’t want to miss.  Take in the history, museums, castles to experience lifetimes gone by.  Explore the beautiful nature, abundant caves, rivers, forests and quaint little towns; just ensure you’ve kept your phone or camera handy for lots of Instagram worthy photos. 

Slovenia is the land of Romanesque style churches, castles, cobblestone streets and charming little village buildings.  There are both alps and subterrain tunnels and caves.  It has hose farm and stables, riverfront walkways and more cafés and bars than one could possibly visit.  If you’ve the opportunity, be sure to visit the very famous Lake Bled and/or the very beautiful Soca River, which is rocky gorges, hidden canyons, gorgeous waterfalls and an amazing emerald green colouring, which has helped earn its nickname of ‘The Emerald Beauty’. 

We’ll also be Visiting Istria 

A beautiful but compact region, Istria is an easy place to explore.  Some of the ruins date back as far as the Roman empire.  You can soak in more water and sun with a swim, diving or snorkeling in the wonderful waters of the Adriatic.  Take a stroll and view the ruins left behind by both the Roman and Illyrian people.  Visit Istria’s most important arts and music centre at Grožnjan-Grisignana. 

Hum, one of its towns earnt its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest town with only 2 streets and 20 residents. 

You won’t miss out here; there is wonderful cuisine all year round with of course fresh seafood being a strong feature on the menu.  This is an area well known for its incredible food, wine, truffles and wild asparagus, not to mention beautiful landscapes, historical architecture and picturesque waters.   

Last, but definitely not least – Venice, Italy

The final stage of our Luxury Women’s tour is going to finish in one of the most incredible locations in the world – Venice, Italy.  This city has a number of nicknames, including ‘The Floating City’, ‘The City of Canals’ and ‘The City of Love’.  

This city attracts an incredible number of visitors all year round.  It’s essentially a visit built on 117 (or 118 as some sources state) very small island in the Venetian Lagoon, separated by canals and connected via bridges.  By 2100 it’s not expected that Venice, as we know it, will be habitable.  Its foundations are built on a million plus of wooden piles.  You don’t drive in this city; it’s all travel via boat or on foot.  Getting around is actually quite easy and allows you the opportunity to soak in the ambience.  However, you can’t go to Venice and not have a ride in a Gondola. 

Visit Venice’s very famous church, St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), view the façade of Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) and the Bridge of Sighs, which is made of white limestone and is rather famous.  The belief is that if a couple kiss, whilst passing under the Bridge of Sighs in their Gondola, then they will experience eternal love.  Be sure also to soak up the culture, architecture and even more delicious Italian cuisine. 

Visiting Venice will be a finishing high for your trip.  This is a magical and unique city that will amaze you.  For decades tourists, royals and celebrities have visited the region to experience first hand all that this area has to offer. 

Be sure to save some Euro’s (and space in your suitcase) for this part of the trip; beyond Italian cuisine is some fantastic shopping; from clothing to jewellery to accessories and artworks.  You can buy its famous Murano glass, Venetian masks, leather handbags, Gondolier’s hats fabrics, textiles, rugs, Burano lace, marbled paper and so much more.   

At Luxury Women’s Tours we curate only the most amazing trips.  We take out all the stress of organising everything and delivering a relaxing, luxury and stress-free experience that you’ll remember for years to come.  Share these awesome adventures with a lovely group of like-minded ladies.  Make new friends (or bring your friends) and have that well-deserved vacation holiday that you’ve been craving. 

Throughout all our tours we’ll be looking after you, ensuring everything runs smoothly and if there is a small hiccup, we’ll be all over it straight away to ensure your holiday experience is top-shelf.  If you’d like to know more about our upcoming Continental Croatia trip, which includes Slovenia, Istria and of course the jewel of Italy – Venice, then connect with us directly at 0401 293 235 or email jamie@luxurywomenstours.com.au or visit the website directly at www.luxurywomenstours.com.au.  Let us use our experience, connections and knowledge to build you a holiday and vacation that you will never forget and will be telling your friends about for a long time to come.  

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