Israel and its capital Jerusalem – are known as the ‘Holy Land’ with Bethlehem being the birthplace of Jesus.  With a rich blend of history and culture, this is a location to visit and check out. 

A middle eastern country, Israel is situated on the Mediterranean Sea.  It has Lebanon and Syria on its northern borders, Jordan to the east and on the south west side is Egypt.  The most southern tip joins the Gulf of Aqaba, which then becomes the Red Sea. 

This country has many cultures and religions in it, with Hebrew and Arabic being mostly spoken.  English has been taught in Israeli schools since the 1940’s and approx. 85% of the population speak English.  For English speaking tourists, language is rarely an issue.  Speaking of population, this country boasts over 9 million people.  The primary religion is Judaism at about 74% of the population, with Islam and Christianity being the next two other religions.   

Whilst this is an ‘old’ country and has many customs and traditions, what is interesting is that this country is well known for its technology.  Tel-Aviv is the financial and commercial capital.  After Silicone Valley, Israel has the highest concentration, worldwide, of hi-tech companies, including tech start-ups.  Tech companies make up over 15% of the countries’ total GDP.  Israel features companies like Microsoft and Intel and is the home of AOL Instant Messaging. 

In contrast, Israel is also the country with the most museums (per capita) globally.  So, if that if your interested, you most certainly won’t be disappointed.  There really is so much to see in this diverse country.  Just as varied is the countryside.  Whilst a large portion of the country is desert (approx. 55% of the land mass), there is also lush green areas, the beautiful azure blue of the Mediterranean and interesting landscapes. 

If you get the opportunity, visit the Dead Sea, which is actually a lake rather than a sea, situated to the east of the country, at the border of Jordan.  Due to the high centration of salt and minerals in the water, it helps you float – plus the therapeutic minerals are good for your body.  Actually, it’s 32% salt, versus the ocean which is normally around 3% salt; such a huge difference.  So, a warning, don’t get the water in your eyes, as it will sting a lot.  Also check out the Dead Sea Tree which is positioned on a small island made of salt.  Story has it that the tree didn’t grow there naturally, but rather was planted by a local who comes and tends it every day. 

Now, if you’re a foodie buff, you’re in for some incredible food options.  In fact, it’s said that food is the force that unifies so many different nationalities of this country.  With so many middle eastern influences, you have a choice of many local treats, including:

  • Falafel – essentially a chickpea fritter
  • Sfenj – somewhat a doughnut, originally from Morocco
  • Hummus – a mix of chickpea, garlic, lemon and tahini, which we often consider a dip, but in Israel it’s much more
  • Khachapuri – which is a pastry, shaped like a boat, filled with cheese and fried egg
  • Shawarma – similar to a Doner Kebab, but with much more salad and garnish that we’re used to 
  • Burika – originally from northern Africa, this is a crepe filled with egg and potato and then deep fried until golden crispy
  • Sabish – a pitta filled with fried aubergine, hard boiled eggs, salad (diced tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cucumber) and tahini
  • Shakshuka – which is usually an evening meal of eggs poached in a tomato stew which includes chilies, peppers, onions and cumin. 

We mentioned before, some great things to visit whilst staying in Israel, including the Dead Sea, Red Sea and some of the many, many museums.  There is of course Jerusalem; you just couldn’t go to Israel and not meander through the streets of Jerusalem.  Visit the Western Wall there as well, which holds great religious significance for the Jewish people.  Also, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – where it’s believed that Jesus was crucified by agents of the Roman empire and then buried.   Visit the Sea of Galilee, where it’s said that Jesus performed miracles and of course the well-known town of Nazareth should be on your ‘to visit’ list. 

The Yad Vashem is the world’s largest Holocaust memorial and museum which recounts the struggles of the Jewish people during World War II –  it is both educational and emotional.

For nature lovers, check out some of the features of the Negev Desert, including the Makhtesh Ramon and Ein Avdat canyon, two very amazing geological formations.   

If you have a chance, visit the lively and bustling cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, which is a contract to Jerusalem. 


As with most countries in this region (or really worldwide) when you are visiting a holy place, church, mosque, synagogue or other sacred place, dress appropriately and cover your shoulders and knees.  In fact, it’s suggested your collar bone is covered too. 

Remember that it’s more than dressing modestly; you should also refrain from public displays of affection.  Additionally, the Sabbath starts on Friday night and ends Saturday night; so a number of services (like transportation) can have limited services; plan accordingly.  But of course, when you’re travelling with Luxury Women’s Tours, we’ll have that all covered for you.  : )    

In respect of alcohol consumption, the age for consumption is 18 and this country is reasonably liberal in this respect.  You can enjoy a beer or wine with your lunch or dinner without a problem. 

As we said earlier, the majority of the locals speak English but it’s nice to take the time to learn a few of their words, for example:   shalom – hello, toda – thank you, and sliha – excuse me.  Locals appreciate you making the effort, plus it’s fun to interact with locals using some of their native words. 

This is usually a warm climate, so pack lightweight garments which breathe; such as cotton, or a linen blend (just remember linen tends to wrinkle and you don’t want to worry about ironing).  Naturally very comfortable walking shoes are a must, as are a hat, sunnies and sunscreen. 

At Luxury Women’s Tours, we curate the best trips around the world, bringing to you amazing locations that will be on most people’s bucket lists.  But we do more than that!  We plan your trip down to the finest detail, so that you don’t have to.  We ensure you’re safe and pre-empt any hiccups before they even happen.  And if something does occur, well, we are right there with you to smooth things out quickly and efficiently, so that your holiday is just that – relaxing, enjoyable and fun. 

Ok, we won’t organise your passport, or pack your bags, but hey, we need to let you do something, so you start to build up the excitement of your next trip.  Make sure your phone or camera has lots of space on it for some super great photos and if you want to post to Instagram live, then look into having international roaming or attaining a local Sim card.  Israel enjoys some of the best 5G in the world and is ranked 7th in the world as far as internet penetration goes.  Israel, a blend of culture, tradition, technology and cuisine; so much to do, we know you will have a fabulous time!   

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