Greece: A Gem of The Mediterranean!

Greece: A Gem of The Mediterranean!

When it comes to Greece and its famous areas of Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, there is so very much to see and do.  Rich in history, architecture, things to do and places to see, this is one location you just cannot miss out on.  

Here’s what I think is amazing about Greece:

  • Mythology & History.  It’s no surprise there is an incredible amount of history in Greece; people have lived here for over 40,000 years.  The Minoans originally habited Greece.  There are many incredible ancient structures like the Acropolis and Parthenon reminding us of civilisations of past.  This is a place known for its Gods.  Even its olive trees (of which there are over 120 million of them) are old.  Some were planted in the 13th century and even today still bear fruit.  
  • Islands, Beaches & Azure Waters.  Would you believe there are over 6,000 islands which make up Greece, although only about 3% of these are inhabited?  With so many islands and water, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches and wonderful water backdrops.  The waters boast an abundance of wildlife; from fish, seals, frogs and turtles.  Soak up the warm rays of sunshine as you bask in the delights of swimming and other water activities.  
  • Friendly People.  With over 17 million tourists, there are more visitors than residents in Greece; but have no fear, this is a country which welcomes and makes its visitors feel welcome.  The Greek people are known for their hospitality and exuberance of life; you’ll feel as welcome as a member of their family.    
  • Food, Fabulous Food.  Mouth-watering cuisine is awaiting you.  The choices are endless, from Papoutsakia, Moussaka, Pastitsio, Stifado and so much more.  Having so much water nearby, naturally there is also an abundance of wonderfully fresh seafood to be enjoyed.  Wash it all down with delectable Greek wines or anomic Greek coffee.  
  • Ancient Churches & Temples.  In the capital of Greece, Athens, you can visit the Panaghia Kapnikaréa Church which is a splendid example of architecture.  Heralding from the 11th century Byzantine era, it is a stark contrast to the modern architecture surrounding it.  Also check out the Olympieion, that is the Temple of Olympian Zeus,  one of the largest temples found in ancient Greece.
  • Markets Old & Newer.  Visit the Ancient Agora ruins of a marketplace to see how ancient people traded and shopped.  Or if you feel like a little shopping yourself, there is an abundance of shopping opportunities; narrow streets and authentic ambience which boast items such as jewelry to homewares and everything in between.  On such famous market is the Athens Flea Market in Monastiraki.  That’s one; there are many others.    

Santorini & Mykonos 

No trip or holiday to Greece is complete without visiting Santorini and Mykonos!  

Santorini is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s one of those 6,000 islands that make up Greece and is south-south-west of the capital of Greece, Athens.  There is never a beautiful day on Santorini.  From almost every angle you see the sparking Aegean Sea.  This is the place that postcards are made of – and stunning Insta pics.  Narrow cobblestone winding pathways meander through the town.  White buildings with cobalt blue domes offset by pink flowering bougainvillea.  

There is so much to do in this picturesque location, including:

  • Taking heaps of amazing selfies and photographs 
  • Shopping abounds; clothing, jewelry, trinkets, ornaments, artwork and more
  • Take in a spectacular sunset
  • Volcanic island tour 
  • Wining and dining on local cuisine, whilst basking in the beauty of your locale 
  • If history interests you, then check out the ancient site of Akrotiri 
  • A catamaran tour which includes beaches, swimming and seeing more of the island
  • Santorini’s open air cinema 
  • Hiking or visiting Santorini’s hot springs
  • Relaxing and enjoying all there is to see.  

A short jump to the island of Mykonos allows you to see a slightly different side to island life.  Far less elevated, but still as picturesque, Mykonos, or “The Island of Winds” as it’s sometimes called is famous in its own right.  Here, there are still many things to do.  This island is also famous for its parties and nightlife, though there is more:

  • Check out the windmills; really something to see.  As you pull into the harbour you can see seven or so of them in a line on a small peninsula.  
  • Lots of beautiful cobbled paths, charming alleys, white buildings with windows, railings, trims and ceilings in pink red, cobalt blue, golden yellow and bright greens.  More flowering plants add to the spectacular array of colour, particularly the pink and purple bougainvillea.  
  • More awesome Greek food; and especially fresh seafood to tempt the pallet, whilst dining in authentic waterside cafes and restaurants. 
  • Naturally, there are lots of beaches and swimming opportunities as well as parks and some open space.  Wander around, enjoy the views and get lost in the atmosphere. 
  • Check out ‘Little Venice’ (Alefkandra is its Greek name) which is on the western end of the old harbour. 
  • The Pláka and Anafiotika areas provide a village type atmosphere, archeological sites and a more traditional side of the island.  Pack a hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes; you’ll be wanting to be out and about experiencing all that this magical island has to offer.  
  • Wander through the ‘Rarity Gallery’ and other galleries on the island.  Some are of international standard and contain sculptures, paintings and photography.  Mykonos has developed a real name for art and there are some gorgeous pieces to be found.   
  • When the sun goes down, a new energy and life begins with bars and a nightlife that will have you partying for hours.  Mykonos is well known for its exceptional white wine, or enjoy a local cocktail (or few).  

At Luxury Women’s Tours, we love to bring the world to you – or perhaps, you to the world.  Greece has so much to offer – whether you love experiencing the ancient and historical ruins, seeing the spectacular views, some amazing shopping or simply enjoying some fantastic food, great wine and the company of good friends and co-travelers, this is a place that offers so much.  

As our name says, we will ensure your trip runs smoothly, do all the planning and organising.  All you have to do is enjoy the comfort of luxury, bask in high standards of travel and have a wonderful time.  We know where to go, what is a must see and make sure it all happens smoothly.  Whether you are wanting to travel with friends, or perhaps go as a solo and make wonderful new friends, we organise it all for you.  In fact, this is a fantastic option for solo travelers; sharing an experience with others is half the fun.  Being a women’s tour, we ensure you’re safe and take all the worry out of the whole booking and organising process.  Don’t stress; just give us a call (or email), leave it with an expert and we organise just about everything.  

So, go on, you deserve a holiday and for the busy person, or someone who just wants to know everything will do smoothly, then let us book your Greece trip and join us for a wonderful experience you’ll be telling your friends about for months.  In fact, once you pop up pics on Instagram or Facebook, those memories will stay with you for years.  Give me a call today on 0401293235 or contact us here at jamie@luxurywomenstours.com.au.  If you have questions, that’s completely fine; reach out, have a chat.  Wouldn’t it be nice.

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