Discovering New Zealand’s Incredible Queenstown & Milford Sound

The South Island of New Zealand has the scenes that spectacular postcards are made of!  When you discover this beautiful, natural and picturesque area, you not only get to experience some really cool things, but the views are also amazing. 

With the borders opening between Australia and NZ, we now have somewhere ‘overseas’ to visit which is safe and incredibly close.  In fact, flying out of Brisbane, it’s a couple of hours closer than our own Perth.  We can visit our Kiwi cousins and although we might lack the Kiwi accent, all’s the same language.  Plus, an extra bonus; there is no chance of jet lag; it’s only a 2-hour time difference. 

Two awesome spots in the South Island of New Zealand include Queenstown and Milford Sound. 


Queenstown, of course, is well known for its fantastic skiing and snow-boarding.  Almost on our doorstep are some pretty awesome snow fields during the winter.  Even if you’re not into snow sports, or are visiting outside the snow season, there is so much more to do in Queenstown.  The list is long, but here are just some examples of some of the varied and exciting things that you can do on your next visit to New Zealand’s South Island.

  • Get your adrenalin fix; whether it’s bungy jumping, rock climbing, quad bike riding, riding a jet boat, canyoning, riding some rapids, skydiving or parasailing.  This is a town built on tourism, so they have something for everyone and lots of hire options. 
  • If you’d like something active, but a little less adventurous, then go for a kayak, cycle (road or mountain), take a lake cruise or do some trekking.  Just remember to watch where you’re walking; the views are so spectacular, it’s easy to be distracted and forget to look down to see where you’re stepping.  So, be sure to stop and pull out your phone or camera and snap some Instagram or Pinterest worthy shots.  Your friends will be green with envy and wish they had come.  Actually, why not ask a friend to join you – but if not – remember that at Luxury Women’s Tours we cater superbly well for single ladies travelling and you’ll be making new friends.
  • Make sure to bring your bikinis – there are some excellent hot tubs and natural hot springs that you can check out. 
  • One must is a gondola ride up to Bob’s Peak.  Here you’ll get a 220-degree view of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and further onto The Remarkables and Coronet Peak, which are two of the main skiing mountains in the area.  It’s a lovely ride up and keep half an eye on the terrain; some of the amazing local wild goats can be seen navigating along the sheer edges and rock outcrops.   
  • New Zealand has world famous birdlife and beautiful gardens.  Just walking through the town is a pleasure, with some of the buildings and shops having beautiful facades. 
  • Prefer instead to sit back, relax and enjoy the views with a local brew, wine or cocktail?  Easy, there are so many perfectly situated bars and restaurants, you can sit back, relax and enjoy new friends, or old, have a great meal and some fun conversation. 
  • Naturally, shopping has all the options.  Whether you’re looking for gorgeous jewellery, fashion clothing, souvenirs or even homemade soaps, there is something for everyone.  If art is your thing, there are a few great art galleries which display works from local artists. 
  • Oh, and there is definitely a night life in Queenstown, so be sure to save a little energy for the night life, or get in an afternoon power nap. 

So, you can see that Queenstown is a hive of activity all year round – winter, summer, spring or autumn.  The people are super friendly and it’s safe and clean.  This is a location where you can take in a deep breath of air and it’s fresh! 

Naturally, snow sports and particularly skiing or snowboarding are exceedingly popular.  Soft, fluffy snow which are some of the best in the southern hemisphere and practically on our doorstep. 

Whilst Queenstown is a little more inland and is on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, to the east near the coastline is Milford Sound.  I should say, that Milford Sound isn’t actually a sound, but a fjord.  European settlers actually incorrectly named it.  A sound is apparently a valley which has been filled with sea water.  A fjord is usually formed by the flooding of a river valley, rather than a glacial valley.  What is interesting is that at Milford Sound, this is the only fjord in New Zealand. 

Milford Sound

This is the place to unplug, immerse in the views and simply get back to nature and relax.  It is unlike anywhere on earth.  The water is as black as ink.  There is a huge range of wildlife, from birds, eagles, hawks, penguins, Arctic fur seals, sea lions, dolphins, rare birds and whales.  In fact, there are two different species of penguins there – one being the little blue penguin and the other is the Fiordland crested penguin or ‘Tawaki’ as they are often called.  The whales that visit Milford Sound are the Southern Right Whale, which is one of the rarest of the large whales.  Whilst Milford Sound lacks some of the bustle of Queenstown, there is still lots to do – though do be sure to pack some waterproof gear, raincoat etc. as it can be both cold and wet. 

  • Take a boat nature cruise
  • Visit one (or a few) of Milford Sound’s very impressive waterfalls
  • Kayak
  • Hike
  • Visit the underwater observatory
  • Visit the Chasm and be sure to take the Chasm Walk
  • Take in a Milford Sound sunsets
  • Check out the glow worms; and
  • Once the sun is set and with so little light at night, it’s perfect for stargazing. 

The South Island of New Zealand has so much to offer and is abound with beauty, nature and exciting things to do.  Whether you like the fast pace and high-octane activities, or something a little milder, there is something for everyone. 

Remember that with Luxury Women’s Tours, we do all the work.  We source the best options, tours and accommodation.  There won’t be nasty surprises, or hassles with your booking being lost; it’s our job to ensure everything runs smoothly and gives you the premium travel experience.  Plus, one of our big focusses is safety.  We ensure all our ladies are safe and as part of a group of like-minded ladies, even if you’re a single traveller, you’re not alone.  Make new friends, share wonderful experiences and check out everything that New Zealand’s South Island has to offer to travellers and holiday makers. 

So, if you’ve been thinking of visiting New Zealand, getting back to nature, then perhaps you know it’s time to have a well-deserved break.  Experience quality accommodation, great meals and a high standard of service you deserve.  Get back to having a holiday experience without all the hard work in organising it.  Give me a call on 0401293235 or connect to me here via our CONTACT PAGE .  We’re about having fun, seeing some great sights and our travel clients having to worry about nothing except what to focus their camera on, or what their next drink choice will be.  Go on – what’s stopping you from simply reaching out and enquiring?!   

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