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Bhutan, The Happiest Place on Earth!

The happiest place on Earth.

Travelling to Bhutan is no ordinary trip. A tiny, magical Himalayan Kingdom shrouded in mystery and landlocked between the two most populated countries on Earth, China & India. Bhutan is one of the least visited countries in the world, only seeing an average of 30,000 tourists per year.

Travelling to Bhutan is unlike any other country. Here they measure the countries progress on gross happiness, instead of money! It is said to be the happiest place on earth — visit yourself to find out.

Bhutanese people are extremely friendly, very humble and are always happy to help — it is rare to see someone that doesn’t have a smile of their face. The children are respectful, curious and go about their lives without any worries at all. The people of Bhutan also have a great love and admiration for the King and it’s no wonder with the tales of the kindness and lengths he will go for Bhutan and its people.

In Bhutan, women are the head of the family, run the businesses and inherit properties and assets from family, and it is the man who moves in with the wife after marriage! It is mandatory for the people of Bhutan to wear the national dress (Gho for men and Kira for women) to schools, government buildings or any other formal occasion.

Additionally, Bhutan is the only country in the world to be carbon negative, which means it absorbs more carbon than it produces.

Our Bhutan womens tour will have you immersed within the mighty Himalayan mountains, lush green hills and rice fields, icy cold flowing rivers and surrounded by monasteries and temples. A hikers dream!

The most anticipated sights in Bhutan by far is the Taktsang, which also commonly goes by Tiger’s Nest Monastery. In Himalayan Buddhism, this is considered one of the more sacred structures.

Rumour has it that this location is where Bhutan’s ‘Second Buddha’ commenced meditation in a cave for as long as four months before converting Bhutan entirely to Buddhism and eradicating evil spirits. That said, it identifies as an exceptionally magnificent monument of the Himalaya’s, built laterally onto the cliff overlooking a 900-metre drop into the ravine below.

The best time to visit Tiger’s Nest is in the winter months, around November – December when the skies are clear and the views are perfect.  The trek up to the Tiger’s Nest takes around 2 – 4 hours depending on your fitness levels. There is also a café halfway up to stop at if you wish for a light snack.  The trek is usually left until the second last day of your tour due to the fact that you must acclimatise to the high altitude first. 

The trek begins at an altitude of 2 kilometres and reaches 3 kilometres on arrival to the monastery. The journey is positioned along a finely-maintained pathway. However, in certain sections it may become quite steep. During the trek, the monastery fades & reappears from view through the forest, which builds excitement in anticipation of arrival. In spite of the slow steep trek up, it is 100% worth the effort when you are greeted with the magical site. Once we arrive, we are able to go in and explore. 

Bhutan is filled with many incredible highlights, from the astonishing fresh mountainous air, the extremely spiritual monks and monasteries, the calm and happy Bhutanese people and the lush green landscapes. The food is spicy but incredible and the way of life is just awe-inspiring and almost gives you envy! Our Bhutan womens tour is a trip like no other. It will stay in your heart forever!

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