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Luxury Bali

At Luxury Women’s Tours, we love to bring diversification, fun and relaxation to our holidays, which we plan just for you.   A relatively short flight and you’re in lovely Bali, which is one of the more famous islands in the Indonesian area.  Bali is extremely well known for its hospitality – you certainly will get the luxury treatment here.  Bali is a very popular tourist destination for holidaymakers from Australia and many other parts of the world. 

Bali can be broken up into a number of regions, including Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak and Ubud. The island’s cultural nexus is Ubud which is near the centre of Bali whilst in the south is Kuta which is somewhat reputed as Bali’s party spot.  Bali attracts a range of people from young backpackers right through to the very wealthy.  

Barely a few degrees south of the equator, Bali has a lovely even climate all year round.  It boasts lush tropical rainforests and plant life along with very enticing beaches along the coastline.  If the beach isn’t your thing, then most of the hotels, villas and resorts will have beautiful pools you can cool down in and relax.  In fact, some of the resorts are so lovely, you almost don’t need to leave.   But you will – as there is much to do and see in Bali.  

As tourism is such a large part of the Balinese culture, these naturally warm and friendly people are there to meet your needs in a friendly and hospitable manner.  Whilst the western influence can be seen, you will very much spot the culture, beliefs and customs of the people as they go about their day-to-day activities.  

When it comes to activities in Bali, well there is certainly a large range:

  • Relax at your resort or a local spa with the most amazing and relaxing massages – and the prices are exceedingly reasonable – you’ll want to have one almost every day.  
  • Shopping is another activity you won’t want to go past.  Whether it’s a great deal along the streets, perhaps your next new bikini, sarong or souvenir, right through to jewelry, artwork and homewares.  Some of the most beautiful timber and art can be found in Bali and shipping options are often very easy to arrange.  
  • Feeling a little adventurous?  You can ride a quad bike along some rice fields, or go white water rafting in the rapids around the island.  
  • There are many, many watersports up for grabs, including diving.  Or just chill in the water and enjoy a delightful swim.  If you’re looking for glorious beaches, then you cannot go past the pristine and gorgeous beaches at Nusa Dua.   
  • If trekking is something you enjoy, then a volcano trek might be on your agenda.   
  • Don’t forget walking; it’s easy to get around to visit places and go shopping, or you can hire a bike and cycle around to get a different perspective.  
  • Live music, dancing, festivals and amazing food and yes, well-priced drinks, make it easy to have a good time in Bali.  

Two spots that we will be visiting on our upcoming trip to Bali include Ubud and Nusa Dua.  These are to a degree part of the reason this tour is called ‘Luxury Bali’.  


The massage treatments in Ubud are, if that’s at all possible, even better than in other parts of Bali.  The therapists in this area combine ancient traditions which have Indian, Chinese and Thai influences; bringing you the best of the best.  

Another must-see in Ubud is the Gates of Heaven, which is officially known as Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang.  This temple is one of the ‘6 sanctuaries of the world’ and is a holy place that is renowned to bring the island spiritual balance.  

You’ll also want to visit the sacred Monkey Forest or Mandala Suci Wenara Wana as its official name.  Here reside more than a thousand monkeys and they are so fascinating to watch going about their daily antics.  But, be sure to watch your belongings; they are known for helping themselves to the sunglasses on your head, or any items you might pop down for a moment.  But generally, they are well behaved and the local caretakers keep an eye on them so that no-one gets too cheeky with the tourists.   😊  

You can also visit Batur, which is an active volcano approximately 40 kms north of Ubud.  If you venture out early (very early) you will be rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.  Be sure to have your phone or camera handy; it’s beautiful.  

When it comes to food, glorious food, Ubud has an excellent reputation.  It well caters for vegans and vegetarians with all foods being tasty, fresh and appealing.  If you have the inclination, you can even join a cooking class and learn how to make some authentic cuisine yourself.  It’s quite common to be indulged in many courses, so you’ll get the opportunity to taste many different options.  

You can ride elephants (or help wash them), visit waterfalls, take in some beautiful temples, go shopping or partake in some yoga.  The choices are many and varied.   

Nusa Dua

Along the southern coast in the Bukit Peninsula area, you will be delighted to visit Nusa Dua.  The name actually translates to ‘Two Islands’.

It is very much a resort spot, with international luxury hotels, very exclusive golf courses, world-class spas and restaurants that leave you wanting for nothing.  

The beaches here are glorious; shadow waters which are crystal clear lapping white pristine and sandy beaches.  Swim, relax and revitalise yourself.  If you’ve had enough swimming, then there are lots to see and it’s very easy to get around, with everything within an easy walk.  

If you’re interested in something a little different, you can do a camel safari.  That’s right, in Bali – and be sure to check out Nusa Dua’s Water Blow, which is a natural and massive blow hole that erupts from the sea to reach for the heavens.  

Exceptional food once again is a given.  Whether it’s a beach grill or a very luxurious resort restaurant, you won’t go hungry!  What is unusual is that Nusa Dua is known for its pork dishes, whereas most of the other areas of Bali are Muslim and real pork isn’t very often offered.  

Be sure to also visit Turtle Island which is also known as Serangan Island.  Not only will you (naturally) find lots of turtles, but there is also an array of birdlife, snakes and many other animals.  It’s a great spot if you’re interested in marine conservation and natural wildlife of Bali.  

Again, as in other areas of Bali, you’ll be delighted with wonderful shopping, lots of water sports (diving, banana boat rides, jet-skiing, flow-riding, parasailing and more) plus, of course, Nusa Dua’s main attraction which is the lightly Devdan Show – a cultural dance that is very unique to this part of the island area known as Bali.

As you can see, there is so much to do and see and experience in Bali and at Luxury Women’s Tours, we’re going to bring the Best of Bali to you.  We’ve sourced the best activities, and the nicest hotels and know the best places to eat, so that you need to worry about nothing.  We organise everything for you – although we don’t pack your bag, but hey, that’s half the fun leading up to what is sure to be an amazing holiday.  If you’d like to know more about our Bali trips this year, or any of our other tours check out the TOURS.  Go on, you deserve it!  

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