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Morocco is an incredible travel destination.  This coastal country in the north west of Africa kisses Portugal and is only separated by a short distance from the southern most tip of Portugal, which is to the south of France.  This country boasts traditional, historical, beautiful structures and incredible azure waters.  In fact, Morocco is the only African country which borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  It is diverse and most certainly interesting. 

Morocco has a number of cultures, although Islam is the main religion practiced here, with 99% of the Moroccan people being Muslim.  There are however several languages spoken in this country, including Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Berber.    Another interesting fact is that their university called the University of Al Quaraouiyine is the oldest existing educational institution in the world.  Over the centuries it has produced many famous scholars.  Morocco is also the first country to recognise the American United States as a country.  Morocco is also home to the city of Casablanca; made favour by the movie of the same name in 1942 with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. 

Morocco has always been considered a cultural hub for schools, particularly Islamic scholars.  This country was founded in 788 AD; it’s been around for a very long time.  Its population is a whopping 34 million with many and diverse influences. 

Morocco boasts stunning colour; from the people’s traditional garb (worn particularly for special occasions) to their homes.  The traditional homes within Morocco are different from ours.  They are called a riad.  They are heavily decorated inside and are surrounded by an open yard area, usually situated within the centre, which contains a fountain or garden.  With lovely weather most of the year, outside shaded areas are popular.  Similar to a number of the Greek Islands, there are many cats within Morocco.  They are all ‘strays’ but well cared for by the locals. 

This country abounds with a variety of landscape.  Even the coastline has variety.  The coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean has surf and waves, whilst the coastline further north, which is on the Mediterranean Sea, is more sheltered, calmer and flat.  Regardless of either, the beaches are beautiful and clean and safe.  Over a dozen have received the ‘Blue Flag’ environmental award.  This is not easy to achieve; it required strict ecological, safety, educational and accessibility criteria which must be met and maintained.  It’s a true honour to receive this. 

Just as there are spectacular ocean views, so too inland, you’ll find desert-like countryside with mountains and views equally spectacular.  The Moroccan Atlas Mountains reached a height of over 4,000 metres and are covered with cedar and pine trees.  Jebel Toubkal is the highest mountain in north Africa, with its summit attaining 4,167 meters.  It is located in the ‘High Atlas’.   Morrocco is known as the ‘home’ of the world’s largest desert, being the Sahara Desert. 

One particular location to visit is the Valley of Roses in the M’Goun Valley.  The sight is spectacular and breathtaking.  Each year, over 4 thousand tonnes of fresh rose flowers are harvested to make beauty products.  If you’re visiting Morocco, be sure your phone or camera has plenty of storage space on it; you’ll be wanting to take lots of gorgeous photos. 

This diverse country, has a number of interesting cities to visit, including Marrakesh and Fes.  Culture, art and, of course, shopping will abound.  If you enjoy a quieter and more peaceful experience, then the villages will delight also.  Additionally, you’ve a number of relaxing and luxurious beach resorts available. 

Naturally, one cannot go past the incredible cuisine of Morocco.  Your taste buds will be in for a treat.  Fragrant, balanced and delicious meals are a combination of meats, vegetables, herbs and spices.  A true experience to be had.  A common and very refreshing drink in Morocco is mint tea, which is often drunk daily and is made of fresh mint leaves and usually served from a traditional silver teapot. 

Get in some great shopping, from spices, gifts, jewelry, clothing and more.  There are locally made handicrafts, rugs, leather products and even handcrafted teapots.  Many of the handmade products, are the product of skills handed down from generation to generation and created with pride and love.  So, be sure to leave a bit of space in your suitcase to bring back some goodies.  Shopping opportunities are from larger shops, bazaars, street stalls and within villages.  There are so many choices, options and things to see or buy. 

There are a number of great tours and activities you can do; from desert camps to the Sahara dunes, to experiencing a hammam.  This is where you have a traditional (but private) bath, where you soak and steam before you’re gently scrubbed down by attendants with a local rhassoul clay.  Like in Egypt, you can go on a camel ride, wander local villages, swim along the coast, or simply, lie in the sun and completely relax in the warm of Morocco.  Marrakesh has become known for its hot air balloon rides, which afford a spectacular view from above. 

It is recommended that you dress a little more conservatively; including longer dresses or skirts and not too close fitting; baggy is better.  Try to avoid tank tops and spaghetti straps; less skin is more, plus it will add to your sun protection if you’re a little more covered.  Be sure to pack a scarf (although wearing a scarf or Niqabs is not mandatory generally, it is often requested when visiting a religious site) and bring layers to accommodate whether you’re near an ocean breeze or inland in the desert.  A side point, interestingly, burqas are prohibited by the state.  Naturally comfortable shoes are a must, plus, be sure to bring your sunnies, a hat and sunscreen as there is definitely lots of sunshine here.  As always with travel, leave your flashy and expensive jewelry at home.  Whilst the majority of Moroccans are helpful and honest, every country has its pickpockets.  Jeans are ok, and if you’re wearing tight fitting leggings, best to pair them with a longer tunic length top.  It’s about being respectful to the people and as the saying goes ‘when in Rome … ‘  The drinking age in Morocco is 18 and alcohol is legal in Morocco; as long as it’s consumed in licensed premises, bars, resorts and tourist areas.  It is however forbidden in public places. 

Whilst backpacking is common in Morrocco; don’t worry, at Luxury Women’s Tours, you won’t be roughing it at all.  We take care of everything, from the booking, to ensuring you have a magical time in any of our wonderful destinations.  We curate a trip which will be one to remember – and all those amazing photos you take will help those memories last even longer.  Our tours are all about looking after you, ensuring it’s a wonderful experience which is luxurious and creates a trip you won’t forget.  You’re also travelling with like minded people, where you’ll develop friendships and share experiences, which makes the trip even better.  We love bringing you the world and Morocco is definitely one of the great locations you’ll want to visit and experience.  If you’d like to know more about Magical Morocco and our upcoming tour of this diverse country, please reach out to me direct at 0401293235 or check out the tour at Morocco Tour. This trip, like all that we create, is sure to delight those to join us.  We hope that will be you! 

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